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welcome to The Chillzone! here is a playlist of some music i love (mostly from video games) to enhance The Chillzone Experience - cute, upbeat, nostalgic, and a little weird! enjoy!

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about me and this site

hello!! my name is latch :) right now the three crossed out hotbar links are just ideas and they dont go anywhere, but there will be pages there eventually!

i love animals and i have three cats. i love to collect things - mainly physical media and toys. i am an adult who was born in the 2000s, and i absolutely love nostalgic things that bring me back to my childhood. the marquees on the top and bottom are all of defunct (mostly mobile) games i loved as a kid, except for a couple which are games that never came out.

besides working on this website, i love to play video games, read, draw, write, watch movies/tv, and shop at thrift stores. i love pink, rainbows, and cute things, but you can probably tell that by my how my site looks.

i created The Chillzone on a whim one day while i was sick. i found neocities through a tumblr post made by onemillionfurries! i thought it would be fun to have a place online that was just for me, and i could make it look however i want and talk about whatever i want. and i was right!! it is very fun. its also very fun to look at other peoples sites, and you get to see a lot more of someones personality through their own website than through their social media.

like a lot of people here, of course im dissatisfied with a lot of aspects of social media. i hate the ads and algorithms, i hate how people running the sites make dumbass decisions, and i hate a lot of social media culture, like ██████ lists ("homophobes ██████"...great job! thatll stop em), and people getting into heated arguments about shit like shipping, kinning, which flags and labels are okay to use, and which cartoons are okay to watch (please calm down, go outside, get some hobbies, et cetera).

i dont want to completely abandon social media as i think its the best way for me to find certain content, such as fanart of my favorite characters and funny jokes, but this is a nice way for me to spend time on the internet and have fun while getting away from it. i have loved being on the internet for almost my whole life. when i was 4 years old, i would hop on the computer to watch cat videos and compressed episodes of krypto the superdog on youtube and play games on the pbs kids website.

anyway, i hope you enjoy what my site has to offer!!

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