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welcome to The Chillzone! here is a playlist of some music i love (mostly from video games) to enhance The Chillzone Experience - cute, upbeat, nostalgic, and a little weird! enjoy!

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hello! my name is latch :) i created The Chillzone so i could have a fun place for myself online. right now all the hotbar links (except other sites) are just ideas and they dont go anywhere, but there will be pages there eventually!

i dont have an "about me" page bc in my eyes this whole site is an about me and it would mostly be redundant, but if you want a quick rundown: im an adult, im proudly bisexual, nonbinary, and autistic, im okay with they/them (preferred) or she/her pronouns, and my interests include video games, animated movies/tv shows, collecting things, animals, biology (mainly genetics and evolution), and nostalgic things! i hope you have a fun time on my site!!! :D

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