what are the record store cats?

the record store cats are a series of gifs that were originally posted here 2006. they depict photos of cats that were edited to wear headphones and dance around in a record store.

what are they used for?

in the mid-to-late 2000s, people would put the gifs together and create videos of these cats dancing to their favorite songs and/or the songs they felt would match each cat's personality and dancing style.

my connection with them

when i was very young i spent a lot of time watching cat videos on youtube, and there were a lot of these guys. they are very special to me and remind me of my childhood. i discovered a lot of songs through these videos that i still listen to today.

meet the gang!

bobbing cat
bobbing cat 2
bobbing cats
hardcore steve
darryl the hip-hop cat
classical cedric

wonder-loving marvin
techno tim
chris, jackie wilson fan

hyper huggles
house cats

wildlife wilf

calm down!!
russian blue revamped
hardcore steve's brother

screamin' stevin
stop wrecking the store!

he likes ballet, so?
jump! jump!
bubbelin' bobby

coony loonies!

example videos


the names are taken right from the website but some of them arent really names. like "bobbing cat" in my eyes is named curtis. also dont like how all of the named ones have guy names. as a kid i remember seeing some of these as girls and im their biggest fan so what i say goes

for real i was very young when i watched these. like 3 or 4. looking at them fills me with so much nostalgia but also makes me feel like my brain is the size of a peanut.

i also distinctly remember sometimes getting scared and hiding under my desk when theyd look me in the eyes. specifically the house cats. and nobody knew i had autism

idk who the hell jackie wilson is...

if you click an individual cat on the website you can see comments on it from 2006/2007 :) pretty rad

more weird cat videos from my youth

some stuff from my very old playlists! enjoy!

i didnt understand that the bananas were on strings when i was younger, i just thought this guy was a wizard. also funny to me that he got popular

i watched this enough times as a kid to get the music stuck in my head and i was able to recall some of it before i watched this again. wowza

this is still funny

appreciate some real art

apparently liked this enough to put it in the playlist twice in a row! i remember thinking the siamese cats were dying and going to heaven at the end?

i think about this a lot

i used to daydream about being at this concert

the best video ever made

theyre eating lunch :O

i thought these were incredible. like 85% of this video is just intro/outro lol

i used to think this was a show that aired on tv at some point

and who could forget...

thats all! thanks for stopping by!