other sites on here that i think are cool!

sites that dont have buttons as far as i could tell

(if youre on this list and you actually do have a button, please let me know!!)


off neocities

buttons that lead to cool sites off neocities! (pretty much all petz sites)


stuff i have used to build my site! some neocities sites are linked again here so i can give specific credit.

website description
birme lets you resize/crop many images at once!
ezgif i use this a lot! it lets you do many things with graphics like converting webp to png/gif, changing the speed of a gif, and flipping/rotating a gif
falling snowflakes have little images drift down the screen like snowflakes! i used this in the pipis room and the favorite autistic characters page :)
font identifier upload an image of text and identify the font used and/or similar fonts
gifcities lots of old web gifs! ive used many things from here on this site :)
glitter graphics a ton of old free-to-use myspace graphics!
hover.css lots of css effects for hovering over stuff
kiophen i used the javascript music player they created on my homepage!
pookatoo generate lots of cool glitter text!
random quote generator tutorial learn how to make a random quote generator with javascript! i used this to create the fun fact generator on my homepage :)
remove bg remove the background from an image i used this to generate the base layout for my homepage and i still regularly use bits of code from it! there are also many cool tiled bgs you can use with a handy preview tool!
super mega huge background texture post a tumblr post where you can download a zip file with over 2000 backgrounds (mostly tiled/seamless) that you can use for your site!
textanim lots of options for fun animated text for your site!
tinkerbell mouse effect the rainbow sparkle cursor trail i use on most of my pages!
w3schools a ton of helpful and easy-to-follow html tutorials!

other stuff

fun/useful sites from around the internet!

website description
12ft ladder get around article paywalls
abowman some cool virtual pet browser games!
big rat big rat
boil the frog create a music playlist that transitions between two artists! i discovered one of my favorite bands this way :) talk to ai that mimics different characters! spamton called me cringe for being occasionally grossed out by cheese. we are married now :)
does the dog die "crowdsourced emotional spoilers for movies, tv, books, and more" - check to see if something potentially upsetting happens in a piece of media
doglab unofficial dog editor for wobbledogs. currently not working :(
family echo a family tree maker! i find it useful sometimes for keeping track of relationships between people/animals in video games. ive used it for fallout shelter, niche, and minecraft. not ideal for wobbledogs bc of how breeding works in that game.
have i been pwned see if your email/phone has been compromised by a data breach
hunger games simulator simulate the hunger games with whatever characters you want
listen to wikipedia see a circle appear and hear a noise whenever a wikipedia page is updated!
makesweet make one of those "bingus my beloved" heart locket memes and other fun 3d animations with custom text and images on them
messybeast lots of neat information about cat genetics!
minesweeper play minesweeper online
naturerules1 a fan wiki i found that documents animal appearances in media. i think its cool! want to watch every movie that has a giraffe in it? you can :)
nightwave plaza vaporwave radio station :)
petpet make a gif of anything you want getting petted
picker wheel spin a wheel to make a random decision
pointer pointer put your cursor on any part of the screen and get an image of someone pointing at it
radio garden listen to radio stations all over the world
random spaceship sprite generator generate sprites that are meant to be spaceships but you can also use them for other things like creature design!
roingus click on roingus :)
speculative evolution generator generate an idea for a speculative evolution creature to design
surprise bird takes you to an information page for a random bird!
tint and shade generator generate tints and shades for a color using a hex code
the useless web takes you to a random useless website!
watchout4snakes generate random words and sentences
wayback machine see what a website used to look like or visit a website that no longer exists!
windowswap look out windows all over the world
winning solitaire click to win solitaire! :)