8.8.23 - 8.14.23

get the party started

shirley bassey

do yourself a favor and listen to this right now. sometimes i see the question "is there a cover song you like better than the original?" and my answer is always yes. this. holy shit. i discovered this song from the opening of one of my favorite childhood movies - cats & dogs 2: the revenge of kitty galore (2010). whenever i hear it, i think of badass animal secret agents :) and of listening to it on my silly little mp3 player on the way to walmart or whatever

6.5.23 - 6.11.23

karma chameleon

culture club

this has been one of my favorite songs since i was about 9 years old!! its just so fun and upbeat :) when i was a kid i didnt know he was gay (or what being gay was) so i thought this song was about his feelings for a girl...but i also thought that girl was a talking chameleon lol

5.27.23 - 6.2.23

the storm

thefatrat & maisy kay

aaahhhgh first i forgot a week and then i was sick :( i gotta remember to do these aaaa. anyway thefatrat is one of my fav musicians and ive been listening to this a lot!! its a banger. buuut i didnt know what language the lyrics were in and i finally googled it and its the fuckin made up language from avatar (2009) lol

5.6.23 - 5.12.23

happy birthday

altered images

GAH i forgot a week again :L anyway i really like this song and this past wednesday was spamtons birthday so :) happy birthday spamton i love u!!

4.22.23 - 4.28.23

it's bugsnax!

kero kero bonito

im sorry :( i missed a week bc i took a hiatus and then i forgot a week...ive decided to just move featured songs to saturdays instead of thursdays. anyway!! i played through bugsnax and i love it so much and this is a really fun song :)

3.30.23 - 4.5.23

kiss me deadly

lita ford

i like 80s music :) this is a bop!!!

3.24.23 - 3.29.23


undertale ost

this song is so good!! every time i play undertale and reach the core i stop for a couple minutes and just groove

3.16.23 - 3.22.23

the fox


some nostalgia for you 2000s kids :) i remember my neighbor coming over to my house in 2013 and reciting lyrics to this song. i had no idea what she was talking about so she showed me this music video. incredible

3.9.23 - 3.15.23

we ran out of cd space


i got this song from a youtube multi animator project lol. i think that if i didnt speak english this song would sound really deep and emotional

3.2.23 - 3.8.23

bring it on

alvin and the chipmunks

i had alvin and the chipmunks: the squeakquel on dvd as a kid and this played on the menu so its etched into my brain. anyway im running a fever and this came on shuffle last night and it was like the greatest thing ive ever heard.

2.23.23 - 3.1.23



banger i got from my discover weekly. ive been listening to it on loop kinda. its really good!!

2.16.23 - 2.22.23


glass towers

the chorus is just so good man. it makes me want to run down the street with my arms out

2.9.23 - 2.15.23

don't be shy

tiesto, karol g

this song does something wacky to my brain... like i just get totally lost in the groove... like "dancing without realizing it" lost

2.2.23 - 2.8.23


alex boye

this is a really nice feel-good song! it also makes me really want lemonade :U