a plank is a recreation of a meme you see in a dream. the definition can stretch to include recreations of other things you see in dreams, like a book/video game that doesnt exist. here is where i put all of the ones ive made! most of these have also been posted on r/thomastheplankengine (the dates are when i created them, not necessarily when i had the dreams)
i saw a truck drive by with this stamp printed on the side of it
i saw this youtube thumbnail
i watched a video essay on an unreleased m-rated captain underpants game for the ds
i beat a guy in a pretend sword fight in my living room and this image filled my vision
i had to eat a whole bag of these or dinosaurs would hunt me down
this was a diagram in my psychology textbook
i saw this as i was falling asleep
i was at school and the teacher handed out this paper
this was the cover of a book i found at a thrift store (this inspired two of my tomodachi life ocs!)
my art teacher pulled up a powerpoint and this was the first slide
my irl friend became popular online for posting pictures of kermit staring longingly at toothbrushes
i realized i was in a dream, pulled out my phone and frantically googled "memes". this was all that came up
appeared when i was falling asleep. idk man
this was a review for a nonexistent carmen sandiego movie on letterboxd + a reply to it
i was scrolling through reddit and saw this
i was supposed to submit an essay to my teacher and i submitted this instead (it was just bluey and her dad and not the whole family but this was the closest image i could find) (this was my first plank and probably my favorite :3)

this is where i write down some dreams i had that i thought were funny/interesting!


i helped glass animals write a new song called "emerald hippo". i wrote the first line of it and gave them more ideas and they made a really cool song. i was really happy. i added to my fun fact generator "i helped glass animals write a song called emerald hippo!" with a link to the song. the album cover was a hippo made out of emerald chilling in an oasis on one of those uhh you know the things with sticks on either end where a royal person sits on it and people underneath the person carry them around. the instrumental parts combined slow jazz with egyptian music. i wish i remembered the lyrics. i didn't pay much mind to them in the dream because i was thinking "wow glass animals wrote some really cool lyrics, i wish i could think of stuff like this"...lol :) i know they were words that sounded good together but didn't make much sense bc that's how glass animals is.


i was in an english city trying to herd my 99 minecraft yaks into a boat. they all had white fur, brown, fur, or a combination, but each looked unique. i needed to get them into the boat by sundown or they would be eaten by two-headed dragons, but some were running away from me and into a valley very quickly. the boat was like a big rectangular metal basket. kind of like a shopping cart. water miraculously didn't go through the holes. the city also had stray cats. there was kind of a lower class of stray cats called "langliers". these were cats that had been kicked out of animal shelters and they were very gangly-looking.


i was looking through a video game bargain bin and found a legend of zelda golf game for the gamecube. i also found a viva pinata game i had never heard of that apparently only released in spanish. i found an english fan translation somehow and went in to play it. reading about it beforehand i was apprehensive because i found out there was a new class of pinata called "the horrors". one looked like one of those two legged spotted bitey things from pikmin, but completely white with mushrooms on its back and partially submerged in the ground.

once i got into the game, it was like i was living inside it. i started in a sort of garden hedge maze area. there was a robot there named ed. he said he was waiting for someone to come and help him maintain all of the gardens and take care of the plants and creatures. he was mostly white with some blue accents and he had blue eyes and blue emo hair. he started just moving around on wheels but eventually switched to having legs. he resembled mettaton a bit. he also just had eyes and a mouth, no nose.

in this game, there were lots of different areas and you could eventually unlock all of them and move between them. it was seamless and kind of open world. there were also some dangerous pinatas. after a little bit i decided to jump into a nearby lake and swim around, but something huge and scary came out of the water. i escaped in time and some cars started driving around for some reason. ed chided me for jumping in the lake and almost getting attacked by the thing. i declared that these were my gardens and i would not allow cars.

at some point i stopped playing the game. a couple days had passed and ed was emailing me every day from inside the game. some of it was advice and such but there was also some nonsense, such as an ai generated picture of niblet from pound puppies (2010) sitting at a computer and buying spore on steam while a happy family of two moms and a daughter sat on a brown leather couch in the background. (it was interesting seeing the wonkiness of an ai picture in a dream) i figured he missed me since he was talking to me every day. i responsed to a silly message he sent with "awwwww i miss you too ed <3". yeah i kinda fell in love with him lol. i want this game to be real (minus the. spooky shit. pinatas are nice).


(this was the night before going far away to a big event) i was in a giant monster truck that was high off the ground. my mom was driving and we were going somewhere. it seemed like a peaceful mountains/forest area but i started seeing huge fires with firetrucks trying to put them out, and some streams of lava. i said out loud "aw jeez! i don't like that!" then once we got to the destination, we ran over a cow-sized spider. this was the last straw for me and i wanted to go home.


i was in a post-apocalyptic setting, and i was hurt and dragging myself along the ground. i saw a tough-looking guy in the distance. i cant clearly picture him in my head, but he looked kind of like a combination of mr e from scooby doo mystery inc, and drago from how to train your dragon 2. he was seven feet tall with black wavy/curly hair that went a little past his shoulders. he was both fat and muscular. he wore a leather jacket, boots, jeans, and other clothes/gear i dont remember. he had a really big nose and a serious expression on his face.

i dragged myself over to him thinking he would be able to help me survive. he pulled a knife on me and asked me a question so he could judge my character. it was something like "what would you do if you saw me go up to some girl carrying books and smack them out of her hands?" i responded that i would tell him "hey, why did you do that? what did she do to deserve that?" i also told him i was autistic to explain why my voice was so flat. he thought for a few seconds and then took me back to his base.

he lived in an abandoned grocery store and he was the leader of a small team of people. i explored the place and he let me stay there. the next day, i looked outside and there were various creepy alien things. i was scanning and identifying them with some kind of device like in no mans sky, but i was scared. i was especially creeped out by a giant eyeball rolling around. the man told me something like "we used to think those were funny until one attacked and killed mrs. tumultuous" (this was an old lady who used to be on his team). everything past that is foggy but i like to think that i became this guys right hand arm     man. his best friend his confidante. his silly rabbit


bluey had a third set of grandparents. the grandpa was named floyd. he was a gray dog with darker gray speckles and round black glasses. he had black curly hair but not on the top of his head. think of a cartoon professor. he also had a british accent. the grandma was named minerva. she was taller than floyd and had a southern accent. she was brown with darker brown speckles and straight black hair that didnt go past her shoulders. she wore a sun hat on top of a straw hat, and a thin light blue jacket. idk why these bluey dogs had human hair. my bingo figurine fell off my shelf in my room, and bingo in the show was very upset about it. she and minerva went into an anti-gravity machine that looked like a washing machine, and she floated around for a while and felt better.


i was in a tent in a field at night, and i was being chased by a floating glowing skeleton that could go through walls. it couldnt talk or do anything except chase me. i was scared so i deleted him like it was garrys mod. even thought i deleted him, i was afraid he would come back. i hid inside my aunt and uncles house. i would be safe in there as long as i was in a lit-up space bc minecraft logic. days and nights also lasted 10 minutes and the skeleton only attacked at night. the house was full of christmas decorations and my mom was there for a very brief time during the day. then at night i was just trying to hide from the skeleton. but ironically someone else was in the house to protect me...papyrus from undertale <3 he was really nice and he made spaghetti (i dont like spaghetti. but still). the juxtaposition of scary skeleton and adorable skeleton was wild. also the basement was a childrens library with a big open area in the middle full of talking deer.


i was at a store looking through a huge bin of cheap dvds of christmas movies. most of them were ones i had never heard of. i decided to pick out two that were about dogs. i took them to a deli counter to buy them and they turned into bananas. the woman at the counter showed me one of the bananas was brown mush on the inside, so i had to get a different copy of that movie. i didn't want to walk all the way back to the dvds, so i used my mind to teleport there. then later i saw that the frozen food section of the store had bags of bugs that people could eat. i said something about how i might be willing to try eating bugs someday because i saw a video where jonathan van ness did it and said some of them tasted good (this is real).


kermit the frog got tired of being famous, so he ran away to live in muncie, indiana (where garfield lives) and took a job at a big office building where people make easter candy/decorations and manage everything related to easter year-round. i was also here and i thought about how i would like to move here too because easter could be a fun career and the town has a lot of parks in it.

a woman who was trying to find kermit and make him go back to his old life came to my house to interrogate me. i had some paper that could incriminate him but i flushed it down the toilet. then while she was asking me questions, i looked into my purse (which used to be someone else's in this dream) and i saw that there was an address written inside. it was from a woman named chloe nakamura and it said to meet her there. i went to the address, which was on a low-poly street (at this point the dream was a third-person video game). i met her and she wanted nothing to do with me, so i jumped down a manhole.

then, the dream turned into modded minecraft. the manhole led to deep underground where there were a bunch of scary boss mobs i didn't want to fight, so i climbed up and dug to the surface. i came out through the floor of someone's house, which they weren't happy about. then a bunch of people started killing me over and over again because they didn't like that i was a furry. they said "fans of neopets aren't welcome here" (i don't even play neopets) and told me to "go look at pictures of fox butts or something" before banning me permanently.

to vent my frustrations, i got together with a friend and went to a bar in my town. there were a bunch of tough guys that didn't want us there. there was a big bowl of corn chips that they said was only for people who were welcome in the bar. me and my friend each ate a chip anyway, and we got arrested and sent to prison. our sentence was 400 years, so we broke out. this was another third person video game where we fused into jessie from pokemon but in a witch costume, and we were casting evil spells on all the guards. we walked funny like the guy from foodfight. we found out the jail was inside of a high school, and the prisoners and students intermingled in the hallways all the time and nobody cared.


i was wandering around having fun in a field with some trees in it while adventurous music was playing. i saw a ledge and went over to it. below, i could see some places and i had to choose which one to visit. on the left was a beach with towels, umbrellas, and people hanging out. on the right was a church with the door open and balloons hanging outside. everything was made of voxels. i decided to go to the party church. everything looked normal when i went inside, and i found out it was a birthday party for my friend. for some reason, she gave me a gift (one teardrop-shaped earring). she tried to put it on me even though my ears aren't pierced, and it hurt.


i was looking at someone's extremely long ██████ that included the following:

• you think talking skeletons are funny (those are HUMAN BONES)

• you have ever seen your spamton plush naked or vice versa

• you use the pearl flag (it was a blue white and yellow flag with a pink rose on it, and it was for lesbian age regressors who like pee. there was a long google doc linked about how the creator of the flag did blah blah blah)

• you think it’s funny to convince people that scar died at the end of the lion king


i was at a grocery store trying to help an elderly couple (a man and a woman) resolve an argument by seeing who could find a bag of frozen french toast-flavored cereal the fastest. the man found it first, and they were having a calm discussion. however, the woman started arguing with him again because she didnt like that i decided to buy some mario movie-themed popsicles (it was a box of 4 of them - a red one, a green one, and two white ones between). they had a ton of mario movie ice cream there. i was tired of hearing the couple argue and went to ring up my stuff. there were about eight friends from school around me. there was a video game for sale, and the front of the box art was for one game and the back was for another. i pointed this out and they all laughed. then we sang carol of the bells (which i thought was a halloween song and not a christmas song in the dream) and ran around in the parking lot (it was night time).


john mulaney did a weird new comedy special. it was 6 minutes long and only a few thousand people were supposed to see it. it came out on dvd. in the special, he was on a stage singing with a top hat and cane, and the whole audience was 3d models. some of them were also actors in whatever was going on, but they were all bugsnax voice actors. at one point john mulaney was depressed about his line of work, but a guy who used to work with him at "the chocolate bomb factory" reminded him of how enthusiastic he was about work back then and encouraged him to have that same enthusiasm about being a comedian.

(yeah i havent updated this in a while bc my dreams have either been incomprehensible/super weird or i forgot them when i woke up)


i was back in school and attended an after school program where toby fox taught everyone how to mix different colored fireworks. then after like two hours of that he surprise dropped deltarune chapter 3. i had a laptop that i downloaded it on and then just started playing it there.

i found out that toby fox didnt actually compose waterfall (one of my favorite undertale songs) - it was a rearrangement of a song that mozart wrote. i was like "oh wow how did i not know this".


i was hanging out in a cave (specifically ficho tunnel from feralheart) and a giant disembodied hand fed me a small piece of grilled chicken. this dream only lasted a couple seconds.


you could react to emails with emojis like discord messages. i kept reacting to work emails with the laughing crying emoji.


i was walking down the street and had to go through a group of protesters. they were protesting people not taking care of their teeth. they were holding up signs with drawings of teeth on them. one guy silently handed me a half-used tube of toothpaste and i said "oh. thanks".

i was alone in my kitchen watching a movie that was supposed to be shrek 4. i wasnt really following the plot but there was this lady wearing viking-ish armor talking to someone else. she sighed and said in an embarrassed way "this was supposed to be the alphabet". she reached into her bag and pulled out a human head. its face kept rapidly changing into many different people's faces. i was scared so i exited whatever i was watching the movie on and i opened disney+. it automatically started playing a cartoon from the late 80s based on some nonexistent dr seuss characters. they were a family (a mom, a dad, and two kids) of short, fluffy, dachshund-like brown dogs with very long and fluffy ears. they lived in a colorful house with a bunch of wacky tubes and slides and stuff. the title of the show was something like "the baababaabaas".


i was in my room at night, and alvin and the chipmunks lived with me. their song "bring it on" was playing. they were concerned about me bc i was awake in the middle of the night and they wanted me to rest. i was apparently cool with them climbing up my legs and hanging out on my shoulders, but alvin was a bastard and jumped straight from the floor to my shoulder instead, which i didnt approve of bc he could have fallen or something.

crash bandicoot n sane trilogy got a shitty update that added npc characters towards the end of every level. when you walked towards one, you would have to do a quicktime event, and if you failed, you would lose a life. the button inputs were horribly delayed, so i kept dying and i was really pissed.


i was sitting on bleachers watching some big important event with a lot of people and there was an empty spot next to me. hatsune miku came over and sat right beside me. all i could do was stare at her like 😳 holy shit the real hatsune miku???

i was at an underwater gift shop with really high ceilings. i was just wandering around looking at stuff and putting things into the cart i was pushing around. there were some solar-powered deltarune bobbleheads including spamton ones. there was also a specific littlest pet shop set with jungle animals i remember getting as a kid. seeing it made me really nostalgic. then i ceased to exist physically and was just a disembodied being watching what was happening, as the newest pirates of the caribbean movie was happening in the gift shop. jack sparrow came in with his two half-squid monster children and bought a treasure map for $15. then he opened up a huge whirlpool-like portal to video chat with his giant squid monster husband and tell him that they and the kids should go on a big adventure to find the treasure. then the gift shop got flooded and jack sparrow had to rescue a baby from drowning.


someone i went to school with once sneezed really loud at a park and scared the hell out of an old man (this did not really happen). she made a music video about it, uploaded it on youtube and got famous. my dad had also decided to have a christmas tree up from march through january, with decorations and presents under it and everything. i was super against this bc it was confusing and took the fun out of it.


they made a new shrek movie where an evil witch and her horde of talking purple worms on strings tricked shrek into going back in time and stopping the dinosaurs from going extinct so humanity would never exist.


i was playing lioden and i had a cub born with a mutation that made his left ear way longer than his right. i was like "oh thats really cool. i guess theyve added way more mutations since i last played". then i found out it was a lethal mutation and he would die in a couple days since he had very poor balance, so i needed to freeze him. (if you dont know what the hell im talking about - you can freeze lions so they become immortal and dont age anymore)


(i assume. im writing this a couple days later)

i had the spamton movie dream again lol. fangamer had preorders open for a blu-ray collectors edition of the spamton movie and i bought it. instead of a regular blu-ray case, it came in a jewel case like a cd. it had a picture on the front of spamton jumping in the air. then i found out they fired the guy who was supposed to direct the movie bc he wasnt doing anything and they were going to focus on making an undertale anime instead. but i figured since they already sold me the blu-ray, they would have to make the movie eventually.

they finally came out with spyro 4 and i preordered a copy for the switch. the game was titled "emeril" bc spyro changed his name to emeril. he was also older and looked like a realistic very dark purple dragon with glowing white eyes. the objective of the game was to rescue dogs, and there were 80 total dogs you could rescue.


i was inside an online battle royale game. the guy running the server was rich and promised a cash prize to whoever won, but he always used cheats. at the beginning of each round everyone was assigned a random character. i got one of the most powerful ones in the game - a tiger with the very intimidating name "bunny nicole". i couldnt talk to other players - all i could do was roar, and this was an attack that could cause a lot of damage. the asshole rich guy was scared when he saw i was the tiger. i decided i would be friendly with the other players and try to team up and take him down.

i was being carried around by a character who just looked like annie from community in a goth outfit. i would roar softly to let her know if she was about to enter a room with something dangerous inside, like a demon. there were these green circular demon things with no legs that would whisper "come here" and try to lure people to their deaths. at one point i was captured by other players and they were trying to interrogate me. they had a list of random characters and they were trying to figure out which one i was working with? the answer was marx from kirby but they didnt find that out. they only got far enough to cross queen from deltarune off the list. one of the guys interrogating me was buzz hickey from community and he had a bunch of different paints on a table in front of him. i swatted the paint with my paw so it would get all over him and he said something like "great. we can put that on somebody with a wet perm". then i made my escape.


for a couple days, i thought that i was hallucinating a second copy of my tortoiseshell cat. then i looked at one of the cats for a long time, and it started to look less and less like my cat. i realized it was a stray that had snuck in. i lifted it up, went into the kitchen where my parents were and said in a silly medieval important voice "I HAVE FOUND THE IMPOSTOR" (think this video). then they put her outside and i felt really bad because i thought it would be better to call our local cat rescue since she was clearly friendly towards people.

i had to win some kind of important contest by submitting an invention that would save the world to a big corporation. i was in the kitchen of an unfamiliar house and i got distracted because some british guy kept giving me plates of cut-up croissants with maple syrup and sugar on them. he had a really nice voice. i kept eating them and they tasted really good.


i was in the car with my mom and one of my friends and we were on our way to go shopping in the city. we drove past a lot of train tracks and there were tons of dogs wearing sweaters that were just sitting by the tracks. they were waiting for their owners to come back on the trains. only i could see the dogs. we eventually got to a gas station where i used the bathroom and ate a white chocolate donut. people in the gas station were harassing me for no reason and i eventually screamed something like "when i go shopping in the city i always stop here to use the bathroom and i eat a donut! its what i do!!!"

i replaced the fake ad marquee at the top of my page with a marquee of downloadable game demos. one of them was for pizza tower (ive never played it but it looks fun. im super picky with 2d platformers). i downloaded the demo and played it. it was a roguelike and pretty much just like any other one. i was having the italian guy explore a bunch of generic-looking caves. there was a character named mr snitch that you could find. he looked like the little caesars guy but with no clothes or hair, yellow skin, and glasses. he lived in three different straw huts at the same time. one was just for decoration but the other two you could go into. if you picked the right one he would sell you upgrades, but if you picked the wrong one he would beat the shit out of you.


fangamer started selling an alternate version of the spamton plush that just had all the items from spamtons specil fun pack stuffed in his jacket, i guess to get rid of extra stock or something. i bought one.

i was at school and there was a schoolwide improv game where one person was a murderer and everyone else had to figure out who the murderer was. however the teacher fucked up and made everyone the murderer.


there was a "dream orb" and it was a sparkly white orb floating out in space that provided the power to dream. the orb was destroyed and every person and animal on earth slept without dreaming for 70 years straight. then everyone woke up into a post-apocalyptic world.


i was on the side of a road that went through a big sloping field with some trees. i was with my brother (a human-sized purple creature that looked like a soft-shelled turtle with cat ears and bat wings) and we wanted to get home since it was getting dark soon. (im an only child lol) we saw a talking white horse with black patches pulling around an empty cart big enough for two people. we decided to talk to the horse and ask him to take us home. my brother said something that insulted the horse, so the horse only agreed to take me. he started carting me around (i think i was just teleported into the cart and didnt actually agree to go in) and it really was dark now, so i told the horse we had to turn around and find my brother since he was all alone and in danger. we found him hiding inside an abandoned building that looked like a big theme park bathroom. he was okay bc he turned the lights on so he was protected from like. idk. mob spawns?

i changed my tumblr url to "the-pipis-room" and my blog title to "welcome to the pipis room!". ...i checked and that url was taken but i did change it to something similar :3c follow ur dreams!!


i was at school and there was an assembly/talent show where the students had to put on acts that the school wrote for them. to try and combat low attendance this one girl got up on stage and sang a song called "people who are absent bother me". the whole audience pelted her with so many crumpled up balls of paper that by the end of the song she was completely buried in a pile of them.

all cereals that were tied into existing products or franchises were banned permanently (such as fruity pebbles bc they have the flintstones on them). this was a panic dream inspired by me being out of my favorite cereal (honey maid smores cereal).


spamton himself came up to me and gave me the scented ass candle from the sweepstakes. it smelled like antifreeze (but i had to google it when i woke up and according to the person who won it it smells like a soy sauce-stained ashtray). i also got a headache in a few seconds just as advertised. ...Yeah this is what i get for reading the fangamer q&a before bed huh. okay.


toby fox announced that there was going to be a full hour and a half-long movie about spamton called SPAMTON: THE MOVIE. he uploaded a trailer for it on youtube. i was super excited and spent $100 on the collector's edition blu-ray set from fangamer. when it arrived, the container for it was a cardboard box with a handle like something youd bring home a new hamster in. there was a little pink drawing of spamtons face on it and it said something like "I HATE WHEN KIDS USE [[Hand Sanitizer]] AND I GET WIPED [[Out of Existence]]!!!" maybe thats a line from the movie where hes cosplaying a germ. anyway it came with a lot of cool little knickknacks like colorful fridge magnets that spelled out "KROMER". i would absolutely watch a spamton movie and i would absolutely buy a big ridiculous collectors edition of it.


spamton neo moved in with me. we were going to my backyard together (which has scary old wobbly stone steps going up to it and no handrails, so i never go there) and i tripped and fell. in the dream the scariness of the steps was emphasized and i was kinda sliding down a big hill, but he grabbed me and pulled me back up. then we decided we would go around town committing crimes and wearing masks that looked just like our own faces.

i was on a totally kickass neocities site called "get losered". it had a pixellated outer space background and kind of went with a bright primary colors theme for the text and boxes. the site had a cool gimmick where there was a list of graphics that were hidden on different pages throughout the site. clicking one of these graphics would let you have one of the site's adoptables, which were rubber ducks. each graphic opened up a window where you would first pick a color/texture for your duck out of two or three options. the graphic i clicked was like a red snowglobe with a golden star inside, and the options for my duck were a bricks texture or neon blue with a neon green head. i chose the latter. then, it would let you rotate the 3d model of your duck around and add accessories and props to it. i think i gave mine a top hat. when you were done, it would convert your duck with its accessories into an image you could put on your site! i dont have any programming knowledge and javascript scares the hell out of me, so if you feel inspired to make anything out of this idea, you have my full permission to do so! 👍


i traveled to another state to go to a carnival. i went on a rollercoaster (i enjoyed it in the dream but in real life i hate them) and the guy running the carnival somehow kicked me off halfway through the ride because i had antlers. in retaliation, i stole a new dvd from his local library.


there were two warring clans of people - one was all for eating chicken encrusted with peanuts, the other was against it. there was a giant roast chicken and they would fight by pouring peanut sauce on or taking it off. i was part of the peanut clan. my job was to meet up with someone from the anti-peanut clan to stop the fighting. we went into the giant public bathroom both clans had to share, disabled the security cameras that were in it, and then...i forgot the next part of the plan because the thought dawned on me "with no cameras in here, freddy fazbear will attack us". i was too scared to do anything.

toby fox started releasing new "chapters" of undertale. there were plans for about 23 of them. i was playing one and it was a really janky 3d platformer where you play as frisk. after some jumping around i found lancer just chilling out and i kept waving at him. he waved back and said hello. every once in a while you could find a family of four horses (mom, dad, and two foals). you could read the thoughts of each horse, and they would always be thinking of their favorite horse (not part of their family). if all the horses were thinking of blue horses, they would become "four horses with knives". they would gain knives and power and they would take over the whole map, requiring you to defeat them. (the map was like a super mario bros. type of overworld with a dot for each level and it was in a giant mall.) the mom horse knew this and the whole family thought of blue horses except the dad horse. he was thinking of a red horse, and she was very mad at him.


mufasa and scar from the lion king were my cats. they were kind of the size of large dogs and i kept petting them. their fur was really soft like high-quality stuffed animal fur. mufasa was all for getting cuddled but scar kept running away.

i was in a kind of school-like maze of blue and purple hallways with rooms behind doors i couldnt open. phones kept ringing really loudly in the rooms and i couldnt make them stop. i was trying really hard to escape the building and someone was after me because i found a broken light and tried to fix it. i could still hear the phones ringing when i woke up...manifestation of how much i hate getting phone calls at work i guess


i was at some kind of dinner party in a massive house. every room looked weird and crappily designed but then i went into one of the bathrooms and it was beautiful. there were tiles in a lot of different bright colors and it was a curved shape. one of my coworkers came into the bathroom with me and i commented on how nice the bathroom was. she said the bathroom was designed by a different person than the rest of the house was. she said she killed the guy who designed the bathroom and even showed me where she hid his body. then i had to find a way to tell the rest of the party guests what she did without her knowing.

i was stranded on a super mario galaxy planet in space with a handful of talking mario-enemy-adjacent creatures. none of us knew how to get off the planet, so i took out my phone and looked up a game walkthrough (which somehow worked even though this was just the situation i was in, not a game). it said i could disassemble some blocks on the planet and id have just enough to build a bridge to a nearby large planet. i got there and it was a minecraft world populated by dragons and vikings. i had to befriend dragons to earn "dragon points", and when i had enough i could touch a dragon statue and gain powers. i was going around befriending dragons but then i accidentally ended up in a viking base, which looked like a big wooden auditorium. i was hiding backstage and some vikings found me but we became friends. the mario creatures came to rescue me but i explained to them that the vikings were nice. then i woke up.


i was back in middle school and walking down an endless series of hallways with my friends. 80s music was playing and we were singing along. there were a bunch of bulletin boards up for "deltarune club" and there were articles people wrote about how much they loved deltarune and how much it changed their lives and stuff. someone had made spamton-shaped cookies.


they released a crash bandicoot "ORANGE RAT collection" which was a huge box set of ten crash bandicoot games. caddicarus made a video about it and complained that it was really expensive.


i was playing minecraft with the coolest mod ever. it let you be a dog (1 block tall...tiny) and lead a pack of other dogs. you could find them and invite them to join your pack and each one had a unique appearance and personality. i remember there being cool realistic-colored ones but also a neon green one with a white underbelly. some had accessories like collars. our home was a 1 block high den dug out under some dirt. for some reason we had problems with tiny skeletons coming in. you could find doghouses in villages and claim them as extensions to your territory if you and your pack could defeat the monsters guarding them. no idea what the end goal of the mod was but it was really fun.


i had to help some of my friends escape from an inflatable school bus in a big field. outside there were giant spamtons fighting giant aliens from spore. i was super mario and i was trying to help the spamtons win by running around and distracting the aliens. while the aliens chased me the spamtons would punch them out of existence i guess? and we won.


i was back in elementary school and the gym teacher wouldnt let us give candy canes to the poor, so i killed him by doing a finger gun at him and making a "pew" sound with my mouth. in accordance with ancient gym teacher tradition, this made me the new gym teacher. i first declared that we would clean up the bits of candy cane the previous gym teacher had left on the ground after smashing them. then i declared that we would never run laps again because they have no purpose.