sooo i realized ive been accumulating a lot of keychains/charms/pins and i was wondering what i should do with them all. then i got the idea to make a spamton itabag!!! (if you dont know what that is - its a bag with a clear compartment on the front where you can display pins, buttons, charms, small plushies...whatever you want!! they are usually devoted to a specific character but can also be for a specific piece of media or a theme (i.e. cats), or they can just have completely random stuff in them. its japanese for "painful bag" bc they can be painful to carry if they are heavy, and buying stuff to put in them is painful for your wallet lol) what a fun way to express my love for my favorite character ever!!!

here is where i will track my progress as i add new stuff to it :) the bag itself is a steamedbun bag from amazon and i picked it out bc its light blue (pipis colored) :3 id love to wear it to a convention when i eventually go to one, but it will most likely make its public debut at the mall. and ive also gotta be wearing my spamton button-up shirt bc come on.


i added lots of new stuff to the bag today!! i added 4 more things to the top, one of which is a cute lil neurodivergent pin that i wont be adding to the collection page bc it has absolutely nothing to do with utdr, but i included it in the bag bc i headcanon spamton as autistic :) and also i put so much autism into the making of this bag lol. apart from a couple lil blank spots i would like to put more small pins/buttons in, i would say the top half is pretty much finished!! hooray!!! im very happy with how it looks :D

so of course this i got started on the bottom half!!

it...didnt completely turn out how it looked in my head. i might reconfigure it at a later date. since all i had left were charms, theyre all together without pins as bumpers between them and they clack aroumd lol. and i never noticed, but the insert is smaller than the compartment, so it all sinks down. once im completely finished with the bottom i might want to attach it to the bag itself so it stays at the top. maybe. (i guess its like that so this compartment has room for larger things like plushies. but i couldnt have a lil spamton plush and just stuff him into the bag :( theyre meant to be hugged)

anyway!! heres the whole thing :D

i love just standing in my room and staring at my spamton bag lol it makes me sooo happy :D :D :D!!!! what will i do once i run out of room?...i could always make another bag :)

i was waiting for the sneo charm on the bottom right to come in the mail and i was looking at itabag pictures on tumblr. i found someone with at least SIX(!!!) itabags of their f/o. hes a side character from the simpsons so im guessing the person made most of the pins/charms/other stuff in the bags themselves. now THATS cool as hell. they seem to have disappeared from the web completely :( i hope theyre okay. (if you're curious) i love seeing other peoples character itabags...and other peoples selfship art...AAAA show me ur special guys!!

anyway!!! im super happy with how my bag is going annnd im probably going to wear it to a comic con later this year!! :D


i added a bunch of new stuff to the bag today!!! an etsy shop was having a huge sale and i may have went a little nuts and bought every single thing they had lol. so ive got 4 new pins from them in there, plus the pipis room button and the pipigotchi charm :) ill update the collection page tomorrow if i dont get to it today gjhdkghsd its late

the pipigotchi charm was difficult to secure in place but im pretty happy with it!! plus the bag it came in had those little pink and yellow confetti bits and i thought they would look really nice in the bag!!

and i didnt want to have two of the same design inside the bag, so i hung these keychains on the zippers!! i like it - it adds more like,, energy to the bag since they move around and you can touch them :)


today i finally added the first batch of stuff to the bag!! it was tricky figuring out how to use the metal pins i got to hold the charms in place, but i figured it out. most of them are not weaved back into the insert though, so they stick out of the back. ouchie. and i feel like the kromer pin could be moved a smidge further to the left but its fine where it is. ive still gotta get a hook so it can have a place of honor on the wall in my room instead of chilling on the floor like it is now. im super happy though!!!