Game collecting is a big hyperfixation/special interest of mine, especially collecting Nintendo Switch games. I prefer physical games because I like seeing all of my games on a shelf, and I like to pick them up and admire the cover art and read the blurbs on the back. Also, media preservation is important to me, and I believe that buying things digitally is more of a long-term rental than real ownership. There are many games I had digitally as a kid that I can no longer access, but I still have all of my physical games.

I've had a Switch since the year they came out, but I didn't really use it that much/I only used it for one game at a time. For a while it was a Splatoon machine, then it was an Animal Crossing machine, and that's really it. But during the summer in 2021, I was sick for a few days and I was very bored of watching movies but didn't feel good enough to sit at my computer and play a game. I thought to myself "I wish I could play a game on the couch", because I guess I hadn't regularly used a console in so long I forgot they were a thing. I realized I had my Switch and some games I hadn't played yet, so I popped in Super Mario Odyssey. I loved the game and spent a month 100% completing it! This is how I got back into playing console games. C:

Here is my collection of Nintendo Switch games! As of the time of writing, I have played about 75-80% of them. My physical collection had a huge growth period in 2022, but lately it has been staying at about 100 games. The amount of new games I buy and games I get rid of because I finally got to playing them and didn't like them are just about equal. Games with a glow around them are my favorites. Feel free to ask me about any specific game! I love to talk about games.

There are some companies that print limited amounts (usually a few thousand) of physical copies of Switch games that would not otherwise get a physical release. I think it is a really fun way to support indie devs and get a cool collectible out of it! I first got into limited print games when I saw that Limited Run Games was opening preorders for physical copies of Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered for a limited time. I had no idea limited print games were a thing and I just thought it was really cool. I started keeping up with all limited print Switch releases and got even more into collecting Switch games. These are the games I have that are limited prints!

I do also buy digital games that do not have physical releases (or if the digital version is much cheaper and I'm not sure if I will like the game). I find that, as of late, my digital collection is growing more than my physical collection as the amount of physical games coming out that interest me has decreased. Here is my digital collection! The amount of these I have played is usually 85-90% since there are fewer of them and they tend to be shorter games. Again, glowing ones are my favorites. If I really like a game I bought digitally and it gets a physical release, I will buy it a second time. (I have left out games I played and didn't like. Also, my Switch was bundled with Splatoon 2, which is why I have it digitally.)

I think the solid red spines with white text that Switch games come with are unsightly, hard to read, and devoid of personality, so I print custom spines for all my games! I either get them from r/SwitchSpines or design them myself. Here are all of the ones I have made! I create them for games I am interested in and I take requests from other people. I used to make a ton of them, but now I rarely make them.