Game collecting is a big hyperfixation/special interest of mine, especially collecting Nintendo Switch games. I prefer physical games because I like seeing all of my games on a shelf, and I like to pick them up and admire the cover art and read the blurbs on the back. Also, media preservation is important to me, and I believe that buying things digitally is more of a long-term rental than real ownership. There are many games I had digitally as a kid that I can no longer access, but I still have all of my physical games.

I've had a Switch since the year they came out, but I didn't really use it that much/I only used it for one game at a time. For a while it was a Splatoon machine, then it was an Animal Crossing machine, and that's really it. But during the summer in 2021, I was sick for a few days and I was very bored of watching movies but didn't feel good enough to sit at my computer and play a game. I thought to myself "I wish I could play a game on the couch", because I guess I hadn't regularly used a console in so long I forgot they were a thing. I realized I had my Switch and some games I hadn't played yet, so I popped in Super Mario Odyssey. I loved the game and spent a month 100% completing it! This is how I got back into playing console games. C:

Here is my collection of Nintendo Switch games! The amount of them I have actually played tends to hover at around 65-70%. Games with a glow around them are my favorites. Feel free to ask me about any specific game!

There are some companies that print limited amounts (usually a few thousand) of physical copies of Switch games that would not otherwise get a physical release. I think it is a really fun way to support indie devs and get a cool collectible out of it! I first got into limited print games when I saw that Limited Run Games was opening preorders for physical copies of Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered for a limited time. I had no idea limited print games were a thing and I just thought it was really cool. I started keeping up with all limited print Switch releases and got even more into collecting Switch games. These are the games I have that are limited prints!

I do also buy digital games that do not have physical releases, as I prefer playing games on my Switch to playing games on PC. I also like to pick up games I have played and enjoyed on PC that are on sale for just a few dollars, and I enjoy taking chances on cheap games I have never heard of. Here is my digital collection! The amount of these I have played is usually 85-90% since there are fewer of them. Again, glowing ones are my favorites. If I really like a game I bought digitally and it gets a physical release, I will buy it a second time. (I have left out games I played and didn't like because what else am I going to do? Trade them in? Also, my Switch was bundled with Splatoon 2, which is why I have it digitally.)

I think the solid red spines with white text that Switch games come with are unsightly, hard to read, and devoid of personality, so I print custom spines for all my games! I either get them from r/SwitchSpines or design them myself. Here are all of the ones I have made! I create them for games I am interested in and I take requests from other people.