For those of you who don't know, Miitopia is a lighthearted, silly RPG released for the Nintendo Switch in 2021. It is well known for its incredibly complex character customization system. You get to design every character in the game - all of your party members plus all the NPCs. You can also download Miis other people have made and use those, but I like making them all myself. I like making most of the NPCs fictional characters and celebrities I like and making all of my party members my own original characters. A lot of them did not exist before and I designed them just for the game. Here is where you can meet all my silly guys!

(A lot of characters' bodies look weird because you can pick any color at all for the face, but you can only pick from a few human skin tones for the body.)



Full Name: Coolperson Ramona Goodrad

Species: Person

Personality: Cool

Occupation: Pop Star Chef Princess

Battle Cry: "I'm a cool type of person!"

Love Interest: Latch

Description: Coolperson is the hero of the story. They tend to be nonchalant. Their team members sometimes vie for Coolperson's attention. Their hobbies include karaoke, trying on different dresses, and flirting with people.

Fun Facts: Speaks fluent French. (This fun fact came to me in a dream, as did Coolperson's middle name.) Blushes dark purple. Allergic to mushrooms.

Voice Claim: None



Full Name: Dobanderson Ghoulslayer

Species: Dog (Doberman Pinscher)

Personality: Energetic

Occupation: Thief

Battle Cry: "Awooooo!"

Love Interest: Vera

Description: Dobanderson has been a thief for a long time. One day, she tried to steal from Vera and got caught - this is how they met. Dobanderson accompanied Vera on a quest to slay a cruel vampire leader. They fell in love, and Dobanderson joined the good fight. They are now married. Dobanderson is the more impulsive and rambunctious of the two, and Vera must sometimes rein her in.

Fun Fact: Originally a character I made for AI Dungeon (which I played in 2020 when I was looking for things to do, and it made me feel less lonely because I could pretend I was playing Dungeons and Dragons.).

Voice Claim: None



Full Name: Vera Ghoulslayer

Species: Human

Personality: Cautious

Occupation: Warrior

Battle Cry: "For justice!"

Love Interest: Dobanderson

Description: Vera has been on many quests, but saving Miitopia is her biggest undertaking yet. She is resilient and tries to find the silver lining in things.

Fun Fact: Also goes by Lira because she can't decide which name she likes better.

Voice Claim: None



Full Name: Latch

Species: Hyena

Personality: Kind

Occupation: Cleric

Battle Cry: "Eat my shorts!"

Love Interest: Coolperson

Description: Latch's favorite thing about being on a quest is getting to explore the world and try exotic foods. They are always looking for an excuse to be around Coolperson.

Fun Fact: Hey, look! It's my fursona!

Voice Claim: My voice. I'm not recording my voice because I hate doing that, but you can imagine. I'm nonbinary, I have a low voice, and I sound like a nerd.



Full Name: Mirabelle Bakingsoda

Species: Human

Personality: Laid-Back

Occupation: Imp

Battle Cry: "How do you like THAT?"

Love Interest: None

Description: Mira, also known as Ms. Bakingsoda, used to live a regular life as a ghostwriter. She is best known for helping Duke "Highway Champion" Huke, the airheaded professional skateboarder, write his memoir. This arduous task led her to reconsider her life and strike out as an adventurer. She used to have a more restrained personality but now has a love for pranks and mischief.

Fun Fact: She and Duke Huke are from a dream I had.

Voice Claim: None

Mr. Meaner


Full Name: Mr. Meaner the Cat

Species: Cat (Domestic Shorthair)

Personality: Stubborn

Occupation: Cat

Battle Cry: "Like, y'know...nya!"

Love Interest: None

Description: Despite his name, Mr. Meaner isn't actually mean - just sarcastic and aloof. He is the most common target of Mira's antics. He tends to hang out with Dr. Beans. He loves to read and has a huge collection of books.

Fun Fact: His name came from me mishearing when Missy Elliot calls herself Misdemeanor in a song.

Voice Claim: Wallace Wells from Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Dr. Beans


Full Name: Dr. Franklin Beans

Species: Dog (Bulldog/Golden Retriever Mix)

Personality: Kind

Occupation: Scientist

Battle Cry: "Spill the Beans!"

Love Interest: None

Description: Dr. Beans is a wacky scientist who always wants to have fun. He has a flamboyant personality. When his teammates are feeling down, he will try his hardest to cheer them up.

Fun Fact: Loves fabergé eggs.

Voice Claim: Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman

Cpt. Salty


Full Name: Captain Saltshaker

Species: Lion

Personality: Energetic

Occupation: Thief

Battle Cry: "Yarrr!"

Love Interest: None

Description: Cpt. Salty is an energetic and at times overambitious pirate from a faraway land. No one is sure if she's ever really been captain of anything. She talks loudly and tends to jump between tasks and projects. She has brown tiger-like stripes on her arms and legs, and the bottom half of her right leg is wooden.

Fun Fact: Originally a custom lion on Lioden.

Voice Claim: None



Full Name: Ventra

Species: Fish Woman

Personality: Stubborn

Occupation: Tank

Battle Cry: "YEEEAAAAH!"

Love Interest: None

Description: Ventra is obsessed with fitness and being jacked. Before she joined the quest, she was always at the gym. She has more enthusiasm than anyone else on the team in regards to battling monsters.

Fun Fact: I thought "hey, none of the characters on my team have scales", so Ventra was born.

Voice Claim: None



Full Name: Petra

Species: Dog (Greyhound Mix)

Personality: Airheaded

Occupation: Mage

Battle Cry: "Hopus pogus!"

Love Interest: None

Description: Petra is curious and enthusiastic, and she loves to explore. She also loves playing with dog toys and solving puzzles. She joined the party so she could see more of the world and get better at magic.

Fun Fact: Petra is my Deltarune self-insert. I made Spamton the Dark Lord because I thought you would be able to recruit him permanently and they would be together, but apparently he just stays in your party for a little while, so maybe I'll make him someone else. Or Petra can just have some of her own adventures.

Voice Claim: Lola Bunny from The Looney Tunes Show


Myoh is the party's loyal, friendly horse! He's always happy and loves to eat snacks. (Myoh is an acronym for "Make your own horse", something I was very happy to find out you can do in this game.)

Myoh can't talk, but other characters sometimes have dreams where he does, and in these sequences I like to imagine he sounds like Major Tom from Bluey.


Some fun pictures of the gang!

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