Incredible Crew is a sketch comedy series that aired on Cartoon Network in early 2013. It ran for one season of 13 episodes, which are 22 minutes long each, and was then cancelled due to low ratings.

I loved this show as a kid, and it had a lot of influence on my sense of humor today, such as my love for ridiculous fake advertisements. I watched my favorite bits over and over again on the Cartoon Network app and on YouTube, and I've probably shown clips to my friends at some point. I was really sad when I found out it got cancelled, and I'm bummed it never got a DVD release. I think the show would have done better if it hadn't aired on Cartoon Network because it's...not a cartoon.

Side note: the guy all the way on the left is Finn from Adventure Time's voice actor! This made the show extra fun for me as a kid since I loved Adventure Time too.

Here are some of my favorite bits! All of the official Cartoon Network uploads have sadly been taken down, so these are all reuploads.

This song still pops into my head sometimes when I put on jeans. When I was about 10 years old, my neighbor and I had our own comedy show partially inspired by this that we would just film and wouldn't show to anybody (all the videos are gone sadly) and I remember us doing a parody of this called "pig belt", which was a commercial for belts that pigs could wear. We had wrapped pipe cleaners around my toy pigs and were just kind of swinging them around and singing off-key. Good times :')

This is the Incredible Crew bit that I remember at random times the most. I'll just be lying in bed in the middle of the night and think "we're beardin' up with sparkle beards!"

(Yes, the only video of this is recorded off someone's TV.) As a kid, for a while I had a tradition of watching this every time I ate an ice cream cone since there's an ice cream cone in it.

Pretty much an E.T. parody but with a sock puppet that only says "bop". I thought his monotone voice was hilarious as a kid (even though I have a monotone voice lol). I'm pretty sure my mom helped me turn a sock into a replica of him.

(I saw this logo at the end of the video and figured I would salvage it hehe)

I still think of this (and sometimes even sing it) when I run errands with my mom.

(Once again a recording off somebody's TV...sorry) Another fake ad! This one is for a board game with ridiculously complex rules that takes years to play. The song is really catchy and I thought it was fun trying to make sense of the game as a kid.

Now that I am an adult, this show is really nostalgic for me, and I still find a lot of it funny. I have a new perspective now since I did theater and improv in high school and I can tell that the actors are having a ton of fun in every skit.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this obscure show from my childhood!

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