Petra is a curious and enthusiastic dog who works at the librarby. She is Doggo's cousin - she loves her family, but she wants no part of the "Wet-Nosed Bandits". Given the opportunity, she will talk anybody's ear off about Cat Petterz 2. She regularly meets up with Alphys and Noelle to discuss mods and trade rare cats. She always has some kind of dog toy with her that she can fiddle with when she feels bored or anxious - her favorite is a blue squeaky bone.

One day at work, she went into the computer lab to clean off the keyboards and her whole life changed. She was transported to the Cyber World! It was amazing and unlike anything she had ever seen before. She wandered around for a few hours (sure beats work!) meeting new people and taking in the sights. She eventually ended up in a dark alley where she met a certain salesman, and they quickly hit it off!



( spamton asked me out and we went to a burger joint, so now ive decided that was his and petras first date :3 hes eating a whole double darkburger at once and shes flabbergasted lol. if you recognize the colors on petras sweater (hint: another dog) you get a digital high five from me :D)

(i thought this would be funny lol)

(theyre having a nice stroll and chat in cyber city!!)

(they switched glasses!!)


(petra giving spamton a card for his 45th birthday!!)

(redraw of the barbie movie meme lol)


A request drawn by KowTownArt! It's so adorable ;O;

A gift drawn by 10Kek! I love the way she looks here - it's pretty close to how she looks in my head!

A gift drawn by charrfie! They're so cute! I love how Petra's face looks!


My criteria for picking Petra's name was "not too feminine" and "dog pun".

Petra is meant to resemble a greyhound!



Spamton is about 4 feet tall.

I imagine Spamton sounding similar to his in-game voice lines (high-pitched with a New York accent and kind of staticky).

Spamton is allergic to .crdownload files. Don't just leave them lying around!

(i thought of it bc i was looking at them like "the hell are these things good for theyre like virtual dust")

(only tangentially related, but) One of the Symptons is named "Kromer Sympton".


Burgers are Spamton's favorite food second favorite food, as his canon favorite food according to the Q&A is pipis.

Spamton loves memes! One of his favorite memes is "it's morbin' time".


(quick note: if you also selfship with spamton im not gonna get mad or jealous or anything. in fact i think youre cool and we should be friends!!)