hi! welcome to The Chillzone!! this is my fun personal site where i talk about animals, videogames, cartoons, nostalgia, collecting things, and whatever else!! i want you to have a good time here, so be aware that this site contains:

  • autoplaying music on the homepage and on four secret joke pages. the autoplaying music on the home page can be paused by clicking the pause button in the bottom left area. idk how to stop it from autoplaying, sorry!!
  • flashing/rapidly moving gifs, mainly on pages that have a lot of graphics like the home page, blinkies page, stamps page, other sites page, and the pipis room.
  • eyestrain. i love looking at lots of bright/rainbow colors but i get thats not the case for everybody.
  • suggestive artwork in my gallery (it is blurred and can only be seen if clicked on).
  • swearing!
  • loose animals (they wont bite!! they just want attention C:)

this site is not mobile-friendly!

if youre ok with all this and you still want to come in, follow the wolf!! (you might need to refresh the page once for my marquees of fake ads to show up!!)