In 2009, when I was a little kid, I got a Wii for Christmas. At first, I thought the only game with it was Wii Sports, and my reaction was "huh, neat". Then, I saw that I had also gotten this game for it, and I was stoked! I started playing, and it quickly became one of my favorite games. Over the course of my childhood, I put dozens of hours into it. (I did also have some fun with Wii Sports - my favorite sport was boxing. I was an angry kid.)

I still enjoy playing this game from time to time as an adult (though only for an hour or two, not entire days like I would do when I was a kid). It influenced a lot of my taste in games today, as I love games featuring animals, simulation games, and the cel-shaded artstyle. I would love to see a sequel for it, but that is highly unlikely since Blue Fang Games shut down.