-a very enthusiastic cashier taught me how to swear in yiddish. idk how to spell it but he taught me "miz mishna of dia" which i think he said means "die a horrible death".

-i was looking at the halloween decorations for sale (i bought a day of the dead-themed solar-powered dog bobblehead. very cute) and there was a kid next to me. i turned to look at the incredibly realistic cool bird toy he was holding. and it looked at me. this kid just brought a bird to walmart.

-there was a group of girls in the bathroom just inexplicably wearing bikinis. didnt look like they had any other clothes with them

-just one single lone chicken nugget on the ground.

-a little boy (7 years old ish?) rode a pink tricycle up to my mom and said something like "do you like my whip? would you go out with me if i really had one?"

-someone was hiding a very tiny puppy in their jacket

-two men were running around wearing animal onesies. one of them was a shark. they looked really happy + i wish i had that level of self-confidence

-someone was walking with an "open" sign hanging over their butt while someone behind them filmed

-my mom dropped a jar of tomato sauce on the ground and it shattered to pieces (this happened two separate times)