Pilgor is the main character in Goat Simulator and the character you play as. She seems to strive for power and destruction as she lays everything in her path to ruin and gathers new abilities for herself such as demonic powers, even more strength, and the ability to turn into a whale - sorry, giant goat. She is incapable of dying (except in GoatZ). She is also the godmother of the animal mafia and the queen of goats.

I always thought it was cool that Pilgor is a girl. I love games with animal protagonists, and I cannot think of very many where the main character is not a boy. It is also really common for funny characters to be boys, not only in video games.

Pilgor's exploits are not limited to Goat Simulator - she has appeared in other games as well. This is her in Indie Game Battle, which apparently was discontinued and taken off the Steam store? I've never played it because I do not like fighting games, but she looks pretty detailed and cartoony here. It captures her energy.

Here is Pilgor's skin in Fortnite, released to promote Goat Simulator 3. (Her shirt means "ragdoll".) It features the ear tag she begins Goat Simulator 3 wearing. I have never played Fortnite - not a fan of free-to-play games. I do love how she looks here though. She's appropriately jacked from running around all day, knocking over buildings and dragging cars around with her tongue. She's got a point, she's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment.

Pilgor was also originally supposed to be in another fighting game featuring indie game characters called Indie Pogo, but she was unfortunately scrapped. I like this pixel art style - it reminds me a bit of Pokemon.

This is a Pilgor plush, featuring a velcro tongue. It's pretty cute and looks like it stands up on its own from the picture. I think it would be cool to have one, but it looks like they are no longer in production and I could not find one for sale anywhere. Maybe some Goat Simulator 3 merch is on the way?