this is a place where i can keep track of ideas i have for future drawings and additions/changes to my site! stuff here isn't always guaranteed to be made.



• spamton carrying petra and vice versa. they can carry each other. that's just how it is :)

• clothes swap

• holding the trophy they won for becoming the nose nuzzling champions of 2023 <3

• she's stressed and he says like "FEELING [[Stressed]]?? YOU CAN [[Squeeze Me]] AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!!!" and she fuckign Grabs Him. stress ball of a man

• something using this dialogue: "you're my everything <3" "YOU'RE MY [[One dozen everything bagels $6.99]] TOO!!!"

• them cuddling at night after petra has a nightmare (bc i do this with my spamton plush)

• plushie spamton and petra as a webkinz

• spamton neo holding petra in one hand. ooooohh huge

• 100 x 100 icon for self insert ring


• big shot spamton and napstablook with the ghost credit vine

• wobblespam's life cycle

• my interpretation of the king of hearts from wandersong

french spamton lying on the grass or something. idk i'll figure out the specifics later i just really wanna draw him

• death from puss in boots trying to win at a claw machine and saying to the claw "pick it up. pick. it. up"

new pages

secret pages will be spoilered!


a page for web adoptables and maybe petsite adoptables to be displayed. it could be a separate page or a section on the homepage, idk. maybe they could all be standing around in a magical rainbow field.


finish uploading my art from: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015


i could have one page each dedicated to my favorite graphic novels and picture books. they could maybe all be displayed on a shelf background and hovering over them would tell you more about them/why i like them?


page i will make if/when i decide to take art commissions

cool videos

just a page for me to show videos i like/think are cool or funny, such as "dinosaur party". the videos could maybe be framed inside a tv like other video pages i have seen.

dressup game

i could use draggable images to make a dressup game where you put clothes on a dog or something. i would only want to use default ms paint colors. it would be an homage to flash games i loved as a kid like "akamaru puppy".

fursonas page

this could be a page where i talk about all the fursonas i've had (spot, shadow, latch) and how my experience of having a fursona might be different than other people's.

imaginary friends

potential page for my childhood imaginary friends, but one of them was gengeowth and he's in the pokemon shrine so idk if i will ever make this page.

hotbar pages

the pages i originally wanted to put on my hotbar links. i was super excited about them when i first made my site, but my desire to make these pages has faded quite a bit.

the zoo - each page of this will be for a specific animal (i.e. lions). the background will be a photo of the animal's habitat, and there will be a bunch of gifcities images of this animal placed so they're hanging out in the habitat. they are all draggable. each page has a generator that produces random fun facts about the animal. there could also be a gift shop where the background is shelves and they are filled with animal toys/plushies.

the pet shop - i don't...really know? old web pictures of animals??

prize machine - this would have a capsule machine that would spit out a capsule when clicked, and the capsule would open and give you a random thing when clicked. like "congrats! you won a dinosaur!" and it's just a transparent image of a dinosaur.

"games" - this would be a gamestop parody where you would go in and the store worker would present you with games that don't actually exist. like movie tie-ins or entries in a series that could exist in an alternate universe, like Dreamworks' The Bad Guys for Nintendo Switch, or Petz Dodoz for DS. basically a page spawned by my love for mockup covers of nonexistent games.

my characters

a page with links to each of my characters. maybe they could all be drawn standing in an area and you can click on them to go to their profiles. this will be a big task D:

nostalgia pages

i could just have pages with images of tv shows/video games/toys i remember from my childhood.

the swagful beast's roblox travel guide

a page run by my roblox avatar, The Swagful Beast (or Swaggie for short). she will recommend roblox games that they have played and enjoyed. i will need to make some drawings of her. like them giving a thumbs up.

thrift store finds

a page where i would have pictures of every silly thing i've gotten at a thrift store, and i would include information about them like where i got them (with each thrift store name replaced with something generic like "favorite thrift store" or "local charity thrift store"). i would also try to identify each thing. this page would be a lot of work OTL



• explain why i love the show, my history with it, and what it means to me

• talk about my favorite episodes


• talk about why i love the game and my history with it

• list of every different dragon i own (or at least the rare ones)


• explain how it became my special interest and why i love it so much

• section for books about evolution i like


• explain what it is (weird 2010s furry mmo) and my connection with it

• dig up my 2014 screenshots and share some

the lion guard

(i was super enthusiastic about making this right when i finished watching the show but now? idk. maybe when i rewatch it?)

• talk about the show and why i love it (lion king is one of my favorite movies! this is hours and hours more lion king!)

• section for my favorite characters (beshte, janja, azaad, a fourth one i forgot? the red pandas are pretty cute?)

• favorite songs (power of the roar, anything, tonight we strike, way more probably)

littlest pet shop

• yay littlest pets yayyyy i love them yay

• there used to be an online game believe it or not. and i had a panda but i lost my login so from then on i was a dalmatian called Guest

• maybe talk about the ones i have? they're in storage though


• he's a children's musician who makes a lot of "random XD" stuff and i was obsessed with some of his songs when i was like 10


(i have sooo much to say about undertale)

• "the things i love can be scary" section about true lab

• helped me discover my identity; first thing i experienced with queer characters (came out as bi in march 2018)

• section about my real life annoying dog adoptables (i identified with annoying dog and went by "dog residue" online for years)

• helped me make friends in middle school

• great rpg - no grind or fetch quests

• no part of the game is ever crazy hard, at least on pacifist (the focus is on experiencing the story)

• unforgettable characters (favorites: mettaton, papyrus, annoying dog, temmie)

• kickass music

• impact on my life now (still a great game; deltarune is out; its gonna take years so i get to theorize which i cant do much nowadays with whole seasons of tv coming out; spamton is my favorite character ever)


• i love webkinz so much i love webkinz they're plushie friends and they're virtual friends!!!

• favorite music videos

• favorite arcade games

• collection of webkinz (big project: every webkinz's screenshot, gender, and date of adoption and maaaybe photos of the actual plushies but they're all over the place)



• navigation with each link being a hand-drawn icon and hand-written text. evoke the way the dogs' names are written in the hotel guest book in hotel for dogs (2009) because it made me feel an indescribable happiness as a kid. include links to sitemap and guestbook in this section. have a link to each shrine and phase out the shrines page. (each link goes to a unique page with its own personality that i put a lot of work into...but the tiny generic links don't reflect that!! it's also difficult to find something specific when the links are all scattered and look the same.)

• section for items i would drop in an rpg (spamton keychain, wad of crumpled dollar bills, fidget spinner, fun-size chocolates, etc).

• add to the fake ad marquees: pokemon dream world, dream pet house, all the stuff i emailed myself

deltarune self-insert

• spamtra spotify playlist embed

• more headcanons. step up your game!!

• this page may be due for a redesign since it's really important to me. could make it way less long with boxes for each thing, like a description of petra, description of spamton and petra's relationship, galleries of images (one for stuff i drew and one for stuff other people drew) etc. etc.

• counter of how many days spamton and i have been together (could go here or the spamton shrine idk)

goat simulator shrine

• move the iframe pages into their own folder so they're not just loose. round up the goats!

the nest

• figure out why the hell my sparkle cursor doesn't work inside any of the divs

• get the top and bottom boxes to be the same size on the menu page

pokemon shrine

• fill out the favorite pokemon grid once i have played scarlet

• add pictures of all the games i own

• draw gengeowth and gengarkoom for their section

• inventory all my battle ready figures

• add a section for my ideas for future pokemon games

• big things that may never happen (battles being as dynamic and full of possibility as in the anime; all/most pokemon having as many variants as magikarp, spinda, vivillion; more mechanics for bonding with your pokemon/maybe talking to them; big area where you can see and interact with every single one of your pokemon; a game thats more of a life sim and focused on raising/breeding pokemon and getting to know other people than on battles)

• future places to base regions off of (north america, africa, australia)

scholastic book fair shrine

• dig out my childhood books and make a list of ones i remember getting from the book fair