sometimes i have trouble figuring out what i want to do, so here is a helpful guide i can look at.

creative activities!

draw a picture! it can be a silly ms paint doodle or a full polished thing! doesn't matter!

write something!

work on your website!

stickerbomb something! (folder, notebook, whatever)

work on reference drawings/little backstories for your dozens of characters!

other activities!

play a video game!

read a book!

watch a movie! (i know it's hard to get yourself to sit down and watch one but i promise it's fun!)

take a walk outside! (or just sit on the porch if you're not feeling up to it)

go shopping!

cuddle your spamton plush <3

things that need doing!

buy a water bottle and cover it with stickers

take care of the bags of stuff lying around in your room

clean the junk drawer (again)

go through and organize your bookmarks

you have more buttons and pins than you can fit on your corkboard! find a place to keep more of them

figure out where you can put clothes that spamton isn't wearing so you can buy him some new clothes