The console and computer version of Goat Simulator has six maps to explore - two come with the base game, and four are DLC. Each has hidden trophies to find, new abilities to unlock, and lots of new things to discover and play around with!


Goatville is Goat Simulator's first map. It contains the yard where Pilgor lives with a few other goats. It is a quaint suburban area with a road down the middle. It features a gas station that can be blown up, a field with a guy who drives in circles endlessly, an anti-gravity facility you can break into, and Coffee Stain Studios itself. I really enjoy playing on this map since it is the most nostalgic.

Goat City Bay

Goat City Bay was the second map added to Goat Simulator in an update that also included other features, such as bike riding and local multiplayer. It is a city with a nice view of the ocean. It features a carnival with a rollercoaster, a hotel, a hat shop, a skate park, and a helicopter. This is my favorite map to play on because I enjoy the vibe a lot. I like to get on a skateboard and just ride in circles around the city. I also always make sure to buy a hat or a pair of shades to wear.

Goat MMO Simulator

Goat MMO Simulator was Goat Simulator's first DLC and the only free one. It parodies fantasy MMORPGs - when you play on this map, you get to choose a class at the beginning (Warrior, Rouge (a makeup-wearing rogue), Magician, Hunter, or Microwave) and there are quests for you to find and complete. The map resembles a medieval fantasy setting. It features dodo birds, a T-rex, and I'm sure there's a lot more but this was never a favorite of mine. The enemies have health bars instead of just immediately getting knocked down and there are not many things to destroy. I do like the fake MMO chat though. (This is not an MMO - it's an MMO simulator.)


GoatZ was Goat Simulator's second DLC. It adds a map where you can either play around normally or experience it as a parody of zombie survival games where you need to eat food and kill zombies to survive. I do not enjoy the survival mode very much, but I really like exploring this map. It is pretty large and features a mall, a circus, a Wipeout-style obstacle course, and recording studios where you can cause a disruption. Baaing on people turns them into zombies and eventually triggers the survival mode, so I have to be a quiet goat on this map.

Goat Simulator: Payday

Goat Simulator: Payday was Goat Simulator's third DLC. It was part of a crossover event with Payday 2, which also had a Goat Simulator-themed mission added to it. I know nothing about Payday (I have only played it once with a friend since it was free on Steam) but this map is a lot of fun. You swap between members of the animal mafia to play as and complete "pranks" ranging from a ding-dong-ditch to tying cops to a hot air balloon to breaking Pilgor out of prison. The map itself is a city in a desert. It features a casino, a bank, a zoo (where your characters are being held captive), a prison, and a pirate ship.

Waste of Space

Waste of Space was Goat Simulator's fourth and final DLC. On this map, you run around breaking open money crates so you can crowdfund humanity's colonization of space. It features Texas floating through space by itself, a Portal parody with a "companion cow", a spaceship you can pilot(!) and aliens. There are lots of fun things on this map, but I have not played it that much since gathering money to unlock stuff gets old after a while.