started: 12/17/22 | finished: 12/18/22 | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2021

this is such a unique game! in each level you unpack items as the protagonist moves in somewhere and you can put together the story by what objects she keeps and what she gets rid of. i thought it was interesting how the boyfriend she has who ends up breaking her heart doesnt let her move any of his stuff when she moves in (and he leaves crap everywhere), but the girl she marries and has a baby with at the end lets her move her stuff and is willing to compromise. the protagonist also has a pig plush that she has had since childhood, and in the last level it shows she wrote an award-winning childrens book starring the pig! i also absolutely love the pixel art style and everything looks so nice.

score: 9/10