trombone champ

started: 9/28/23 | finished: n/a | reviewed: 12/31/23

played on: nintendo switch (digital) | release year: 2022

i first saw this game in the september nintendo direct, and then i watched some youtubers play it and thought it was hilarious. i got it and it's even more fun to play yourself! i've gotten a couple hours of great fun with my family out of this. basically you just play various public domain songs (and some original ones) badly with your digital trombone and earn currencies called "toots" and "turds". yes, it gets old eventually, the motion controls are fiddly and there isn't that much to the game, but this made me laugh out loud a lot, and my mom laughs until she cries every time she watches me play the william tell overture and horses run across the screen accompanied by my shitty trombone playing. that's gotta count for something!

score: 8/10