the punchuin

started: 12/21/22 | finished: 12/21/22 | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: nintendo switch (digital) | release year: 2022

i saw the trailer for this during the house of indies event and i honestly would have skipped over it if it wasnt developed by shin'en, the developers of the touryst (which is amazing). and im super glad i played it! its a puzzle game where you play as a penguin who punches blocks. there are mostly action puzzles kind of like tetris where you need to think quickly about where you should move blocks next, and there are a few where there is a preset puzzle for you to solve and you need to slow down and think about each move. there are also upgrades you can unlock. i had a lot of fun with it! i do think it could have benefitted from being longer though - i beat every level in about two and a half hours.

score: 8/10