super mario galaxy 2

started: 1/15/23 | finished: 1/26/23 | reviewed: 1/28/23

played on: wii (physical) | release year: 2010

its more of the first one, and the first one kicked ass so of course this is amazing too! i like that you can ride yoshi in some levels, its really fun. i also really like the addition of the comet medals in each level that you need to find to unlock the comet levels - it adds some incentive to explore the levels, which i felt was a little lacking in the first game. i love that its the kind of game you can play for a short amount of time and just grab a couple stars but you can also play for hours and itll be fun. SUPER SOUP

(fun fact: ive had a poster of this game in my room for many years and i havent played it until now)

score: 9/10