spongebob squarepants: the cosmic shake

started: 3/28/23 | finished: 3/30/23 | reviewed: 4/11/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2023

i wasnt sure about this game even after reading a bunch of reviews and stuff, so i borrowed it from a library. i was really enjoying this at first!! the dialogue is really funny and it feels kind of like playing through a really long episode of spongebob. it reminded me how much i love the first few seasons of the show :) but as i continued, it just kind of started to feel like every other "alright" 3d platformer ive played (i.e. kao the kangaroo and kukoos lost pets). the medieval level was where i really started to lose interest.

i like it more than those other two games bc it has better controls and the writing is unironically funny and doesnt make me feel like shriveling up (mostly. ive always hated gross-out humor), and there are far fewer glitches. but it still didnt wow me at all and after beating the final boss i was like "well alright. next". i cant really pinpoint what exactly was missing. more meaningful collectibles? tighter level designs? idk. the biggest problem i have with this game is that the color scheme is so oversaturated that it actually made me feel sick during my longest play session. i felt like shit and i was like "oh god i have work tomorrow whats wrong with me" but then i realized i felt fine when i walked away from the game, and bad again when i continued playing for a couple minutes. yikes. needless to say im not getting a copy for myself and im glad i got to play this for free.

score: 6/10