puppy cross

started: 4/2/23 | finished: 4/20/23 | reviewed: 4/22/23

played on: nintendo switch (digital) | release year: 2020

i had played this game before back in summer of 2020, but i kinda rushed through it and didnt really enjoy it bc i was still in my inexplainable "i have to get every achievement in every game i play on steam" phase. i saw that it came out on the switch and was really cheap so i figured i would play it again!!

do you like picross? do you like dogs? you will like this game. its picross but every time you finish a puzzle you unlock a dog, a dog toy, or a decoration. you can place all the stuff you unlock into a garden and watch your dogs walk around and you can also pet them. its pretty straightforward.

its a really nice game and i enjoyed it a lot!! its great to just pick up for a few minutes and do a puzzle or two. its also great to sit there and play it until you can see numbers and squares when you close your eyes. my only complaints are that the music can get a little repetitive and grating annnd theres a free cat dlc that doubles the length of the game BUT for some reason they decided to make it work completely differently than the main game. with the dog puzzles, you have a (very generous) time limit, and every time you make a mistake, the game tells you and you lose some time. with the cat puzzles, you have infinite time but arent told when you make a mistake. the first time i played through this game i just looked at solutions so i could get the achievements (yeah...pretty lame) and this time i just opted not to do them. why why why didnt they just give you the option to pick between the two modes?? baffling. but hey this still gave me a good 7 hours of fun and i would totally play it again. dogy :)

score: 8/10