pokepark 2: wonders beyond

started: 12/14/22 | finished: 12/18/22 | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: wii (physical) | release year: 2011

pokepark: pikachu's adventure is one of my favorite childhood games and my first pokemon game ever. i played it tons of times. i only remember playing this once though. i got the urge to revisit it and played through it. its really fun! it makes improvements to the original, like you can play as different characters. its fun to run around and make friends with different pokemon, and this one has lots of pokemon from gen 5, which is my favorite :) also this one has a story, which i dont remember being a big focus of the original. i really enjoyed playing through it but i still prefer the original bc of nostalgia.

score: 8/10