littlest pet shop friends

started: 2/19/23 | finished: 2/21/23 | reviewed: 2/22/23

played on: wii (physical) | release year: 2009

from age 3 to age 9, i lived and breathed littlest pet shop. ive got hundreds of the little guys in storage somewhere. so i had some of the ds games growing up, when i saw this wii game i had never played before for $5 at a used game store, i had to get it. i did not expect it to be pretty much the same game as littlest pet shop friends: beach, which i had for the ds. i got clocked in the face by nostalgia. so many weird little things i remember distinctly from it, like the opening cutscene, picking flowers, the flamingo that makes a "gleh" noise, and the cat covered in paint being my favorite character.

nostalgia aside this game is actually pretty fun! it consists of running around the littlest pet shop world doing mercifully short fetch quests and playing surprisingly fun minigames. each minigame was pretty unique and entertaining! there were a few i remembered from the ds version like the cake decorating minigame but there were also a bunch that were made just for the wii. aside from it sometimes not reading the motion controls super well, theyre all pretty fun! there wasnt a single one i disliked. there is a lot of lag when youre running around the world though, which is a little baffling. you can customize all your pets with wacky accessories you buy for them. the main story is a very nice little 3 hours-ish adventure, and once you complete it, you unlock a pretty fun reward - the ability to change the colors of your pets! all in all it was a fun little nostalgia trip and very enjoyable. im glad i picked it up! little me had good taste in games :)

score: 7/10