lil gator game

started: 12/20/22 | finished: 12/20/22 | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: nintendo switch (digital) | release year: 2022

this game is so cute!! you play as an alligator kid who gets a bunch of other kids together to create a huge game spanning two whole islands. they build monsters and a town out of cardboard, and each kid has a quest for the hero (lil gator) to do. and all this is just because lil gator wants their sister to play with them like she used to! its clearly inspired by a short hike and i honestly think i prefer lil gator game a bit. the world is super fun to explore and you can glide around using a t-shirt, slide on your cardboard shield, and collect bracelets that let you climb higher. i really like that once you beat the game, you unlock tools that point out every collectible and quest you missed so you can 100% the game without it being aggravating. plus theres a true ending if you do! i loved this game a lot!

score: 9/10