later alligator

started: 2/8/23 | finished: 2/14/23 | reviewed: 2/16/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2019

in this game, its the birthday of an alligator named pat, and his family (the alligator mafia) has an "event" planned for him. pat thinks his family is going to off him, and its up to you to find out whats really going on. point and click isnt really my bag, but toby fox said this game was funny, and that was enough of an endorsement for me to try it. i had some trouble getting into it at first but i ended up really liking it! the animation is great and the music is very fun to listen to (mostly - a couple tracks got on my nerves, like the family tree song). the dialogue is really funny for the most part (maybe 5% of it is dark/gross-out humor that doesnt really gel with me) and i had so much fun getting to know the world and characters that i went back for the true ending once i had finished it. the minigames can be hit or miss. some i loved were exorcising a ghost from a phone, going on a fake date with a guy called knives, and exploring pat's website. some i thought were ass include pinball, the claw machine, goddamn slide puzzles (which at least let you skip), and old maid (all rng, so you have to keep restarting until you win). even though there were things i would change about this game, i would say the pros outweigh the cons and this was a lot of fun to play! if you like the humor in undertale/deltarune then check this one out.

score: 8/10