started: 2/22/23 | finished: 2/24/23 | reviewed: 2/28/23

played on: wii (physical) | release year: 2010

another cheap game from the used game store! im on another wii kick i guess lol. this is a game where um. you fling the little guy around. and he smashes things. it takes like 3 hours to complete and it was nice to zone out to. you just flick the wiimote in the direction you want to move him and he bounces off blocks and destroys them. you have to collect 3 medals in each level to move on. i only had to restart levels a couple times. there is a new gimmick introduced in each of the games 8 worlds, which keeps things from getting stale and keeps the difficulty from ramping up too much.

however, like halfway through the game, my wiimote kept becoming horribly misaligned and it was really annoying. i dont think it was a me problem since it was fine before. but the thing about wii games is that my hands constantly shake a little bit, and how much this is picked up on depends on the game. the wii menu for example is fine but this game in particular had the cursor jittering all over the place. i also kept hitting my spamton plush in the face with the wiimote when flinging the guy in that direction and i felt sooo bad :( overall a nice little game, and totally worth the 4? bucks i paid for it. even though i kept completely forgetting i had played it at all lol.

score: 7/10