dragon quest treasures

started: 1/2/23 | finished: n/a | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2022

boy i have such mixed feelings on this game. i was having a lot of fun running around looking for treasure and collecting monsters for the first few hours, but the gameplay never changes. it eventually started to feel like chores. the combat is not fun - your monsters either blow the opponents away or get clobbered, and you can either button mash to swing your dagger or shoot pellets with a slingshot, which is hard to try and do in a fast-paced battle. you really just do these unfun battles and walk from place to place. the music also never fits, which i later learned is because its been recycled from other games? the world is pretty and the characters are really cute, but with each new quest i soon found myself going "ugh i have to go all the way there and do that??" so..i got 4 out of the 7 dragonstones (the main quest items) in about 10 hours and i dont really have much desire to finish the game. bummer. maybe ill check out a dragon quest monsters game eventually.

score: 6/10