catlateral damage: remeowstered

started: 12/31/22 | finished: n/a | reviewed: 1/18/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2021

i spent a lot of time playing the original catlateral damage as a kid :) running around and knocking stuff over as a cat is fun. i even remember playing the alpha build. i was excited that a new and updated version was coming out but it honestly loses the charm the original had. instead of having a time limit to knock as many things over as you can, you have a stamina bar. this means instead of going on a frantic rampage, you slowly move around and jump as little as possible. its more energy efficient to just push things instead of swatting them, which kills a lot of the fun. id rather just play the original. plus this made me super motion sick no matter what i set the fov to (i played it docked on the switch).

score: 6/10