started: 4/5/23 | finished: 4/10/23 | reviewed: 4/16/23

played on: nintendo switch (physical) | release year: 2020

this has been a super anticipated game for me for a while!! it originally came out on epic games and i didnt want to deal with their shitty storefront so i was waiting for it to come to steam, but then fangamer opened preorders for the physical nintendo switch version, so i did that. then it got delayed :U and once i finally got it in september it continued to hang out on my shelf bc i was fully consumed by splatoon 3 at that point. i finally got around to playing it this month and i loved it!!! this is less of a review and more of a list of reasons why i think bugsnax is epic:

-creature collecting!! there are dozens of different bugsnax you can collect, and you have a bunch of different tools to catch them and need to figure out the fun and unique ways of trapping each one. i got every single bugsnak :)

-the characters!! they all have unique personalities and they feel like real people, and i had so much fun getting to know each one!! my favorite has gotta be floofty...combination of gender envy and having a crush on them lol. put a mad scientist character in front of me and im like. 👉 You

-worldbuilding and lore!! im not spoiling anything but the world is so interesting and i have so many questions about it. its so fun figuring out the big central mystery :)

-great lgbtq+ rep!! its so just like,, casual and nice, and really great to see especially in a kid-friendly game!

-the humor!! theres so much funny dialogue that actually made me laugh and the bugsnax repeat their own silly names in silly voices. i love bunger and scoopy banoopy. also really got a laugh out of there being a bugsnak called noodler bc thats one of my cats nicknames!!

um so conclusion: i really love this game C: the ending initially really creeped me out but im fine now. pleas make sequel...or like a chill life sim where you just hang out with the characters that would also be swag. its very rare for a game to immediately get a 10 from me so this makes me super happy:

score: 10/10