Goat Simulator 3 gives you a ton of options for customizing your goat! You can choose your type of goat, fur color, head accessory, horns, body outfit, footwear, and back accessory. There is even a randomize option that will pick from everything you have unlocked and put together a goat for you. These are the two setups I used the most.
Spotted Goat

I was excited to play as a spotted goat before the game even came out! I love white animals with black spots - the contrast looks really cool. Even with the plethora of wacky outfits you can wear, I found it fun to just run around as an ordinary-looking goat.

Steal Her Look: Spotted fur, safety horns, ear tag


I eventually unlocked this scarecrow character and just thought he was really neat! He's really cute but also a little creepy. I love him so much. He and the goat get to take turns exploring the world.

Steal His Look: Pointy horns, flower crown