Spoilers Ahead!

Goat Simulator 3 has lots of fun callbacks and references to the original game! In Goat Simulator, there is a park in Goatville where a crowd of people are gathered to protest pointy foods. Why, you may ask? What's the big deal? The answer is revealed in Goat Simulator 3.

You may come across the Pointy Foods Factory, where all pointy foods are produced. One of the quests you can complete involves putting together a conveyor belt to help conduct an experiment that turns people into human-banana hybrid abominations. Clearly there's a lot of shady stuff going on with pointy food production.

During the final boss fight, there is a "retro" segment where you go through a stage that is reminiscient of a Super Mario Bros. level. In the background, there is an 8-bit version of the original Goat Simulator's "Goat Chill" song playing. I thought this was really cool!

Goat Simulator 3 launched with a Digital Downgrade DLC, which includes even more references to the original game, including an Old School Pilgor skin. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get it to work because the Epic Games launcher is janky.