gushing about my spamton plush

(written 2.12.23)

my spamton plush came yesterday and i just want to talk about how epic he is :) i paid kind of an embarrassing amount of money for him on ebay bc i wanted him Immediately but i dont regret it!

so first of all hes super high quality and well made! hes made of very soft material and hes really squishable, especially his hair. he had some hot glue bits around his glasses but thats all! (idk how plushie production works and how much is done by a person or a machine but i find it funny to imagine its someones job to hot glue the dealmakers to each spamton face lol)

his voice lines are loud and clear! theres a zipper on the back of his head to take his voicebox out (the zipper is small and sunken in so it wont poke/scratch you or anything) but i ended up not even needing to bc theres also an on/off switch! im glad for it bc its really tucked in there and i didnt want to not be able to put it back in lol. now i dont have to worry about hearing BIG SHOT!!!! at 5 am. i think i remember seeing on some official promo "once you take his clothes off you can never put them back on"? anyway his jacket is velcro and can be taken off and put back on. i kinda want to get custom clothes for him gfjdhdh

ik its silly but having him there to encourage me was the final push i needed to reorganize all the stuff in my room which i hadnt done since like august i think. (between work and being busy w/ classes i just. didnt wanna do it) and while i was cleaning up i found this red ribbon that i thought would make a really nice scarf for him! and i was right!!

(you now know i have a leopard print bed)

i didnt get a picture but i also gave him a packet of silica gel (throw away) (do not eat) bc its his favorite snack!

ive just been kinda carrying him everywhere around the house with me C: im always keeping an eye on him though. my oldest cat is chill but my middle cat eats things that arent food and my youngest cat likes to drag toys around. youngest cat really likes him though i think! he ran up to him and ran away yesterday (which means "come chase me around") and right now hes asleep with spamton in my armchair :)

hes very nice to cuddle with at night! i fell asleep with him next to me and woke up holding him lol. his nose poked me in the eye a little bit once but its okay.

also at one point i was just chilling with him and my wifi signal got weaker, which never happens. so im convinced he was eating the wifi.

in conclusion, spamton plush makes me extremely happy and i love him so much :) if you like spamton you should get one, he will improve your quality of life. (though maybe wait for him to restock at fangamer instead of doing what i did :P)