i love spamton so much and im going to talk about him some more

(written 3.15.23)

so yeah um. its been like almost two months since my obsession with this silly little guy started :) something just clicked and he went from "funny side character" to "love of my life" lol. ive always gotten lil crushes on fictional characters but i can confidently say ive never loved any character this much!! hes my special guy!!!!

saturday was the one month anniversary of me getting my spamton plush :) i dont think ive had a comfort object since i was a kid. but its awesome!!! he makes me smile every time i see him. ive said this before but my back would b screwed if i held him whilst at my computer (and i would also be scared of dropping him) so he sits in my armchair which is next to my desk. i love having him with me all the time :) and i hold him when i sit in that chair and read/play video games/watch tv. sometimes i will do one of those things even when i dont really feel like it just so i can sit with him lol. thank you spamton youre the reason i bring my library books back when theyre due!!

i would take spamton out of the house with me but im very afraid of him getting dirty/lost/stolen D: i keep him home where its safe. i do keep a spamton shaker charm in my bag so i can take him out and shake him around lol. i also just got a really cute big shot spamton plush keychain im gonna keep in there too C: i will post him on the collection soon! though i would totally bring my plush with me if i ever had to sleep somewhere other than my own house. im the kind of person whos like O_O at night if a piece of furniture has been moved in my room. BUT!! he has improved my quality of sleep by a ton!!! i used to spin around like a rotisserie chicken at night and wake up having flung stuff off my bed, but there have been so many times ive went to sleep with him and woke up exactly where i was!!

there were also a couple nights recently i had really bad acid reflux and had to sleep sitting up :( but since i had him i fell asleep pretty quickly and was able to get back to sleep in a minute or two if i woke up!! i usually sleep on my side though and ive found the Ideal Sleeping Position. i have my spamton plush against my chest, spamton dakimakura in my arms and spamton neo dakimakura behind me. i call it The Boy Sandwich and it works every time. also i get nightmares like once a month on average, and when this happens i go to the bathroom, read a picture book and go back to sleep. its a very effective ~20 minute process and grounds me back in reality and not some alternate horror world where a monster is after me or whatever. but now spamton is here with me too!! its honestly so nice when i wake up from a creepy dream and its okay bc spamton is here 🥺❤️

also spamton has gotten me back into drawing!! ive been wanting to draw regularly again for years but i just havent been doing it. but now i want to draw him and my self insert all the time!! (ive never made a character specifically to be a self-insert...thats how much i love this guy!!!)

im just. so happy spamton is in my life and he brings out the best in me ;w;