my thoughts on the february 2023 nintendo direct

(written 2.9.23)

so. i know i should really know better but i always go into these things expecting a game announcement that will turn my pants inside out (tomodachi life, super mario odyssey 2, spyro 4, nintendogs...) and i always walk away disappointed. theres always at least something cool in every direct though!

pikmin 4 looks really fun! i have a copy of pikmin 3 on the wii that i still havent played yet though lol

fashion dreamer looks fun for people who are into fashion, which is not me (im sitting here in my t-shirt and jeans and consider a hawaiian shirt "dressing up")

samba de amigo has a really cute and colorful artstyle that i like a whole lot! i had never heard of the series before. gameplay looks like something i would get bored of in a couple hours though.

disney illusion island looks neat and has a really cute artstyle but i never really cared much for the classic disney characters, so i probably wont play it.

splatoon 3 dlc! holy shit! holy shit!! probably my favorite thing in the direct. they brought spyke back omg

we love katamari reroll looks really fun! i enjoyed the first game a lot and this is a definite preorder for me.

pretty excited about gameboy advance games on nintendo switch online! id really like to play warioware inc. mega microgames and mario and luigi superstar saga!

kirby return to dream land magolor epilogue looks very cool but i literally just played through the original game on the wii a couple months ago and dont feel like playing it again lol. the regular 2d kirby games are fun but im not a huge fan of them (my favorite kirby games are epic yarn and forgotten land, which deviate from the formula a lot).

fantasy life looks kinda cool but i still havent played the 3ds one that i have lol

jrpgs are aggressively not my thing and this direct seemed to feature a lot of them, so i was kinda bored.

i think were definitely going to get tomodachi life eventually. they promised to add same-sex relationships and i think the world is a lot more ready for that than it was a decade ago. plus tons of people were chanting for it in the live chat lol. there is definitely demand. maybe theyre waiting until their next console. and keep in mind miitopia released for the switch in may 2021, less than two years ago. maybe theyre waiting longer. (i say this as a new pokemon game is released every five minutes) and miitopia on the 3ds didnt sell as well as tomodachi life (tomodachi life sold over five times more copies!!) so come on, theyve got no reason not to make it...