adventures in gaming

(written 3.23.23)

i feel like talking about my experiences in games lately and none of this is stuff that would work in a review. so im gonna do that!!


so on saturday i was going through a thing and i decided you know what?? im gonna spend a really long ass time putting together a 1.7.10 modpack for minecraft and then im gonna sit down and play it!! i gathered mods for like 3 hours and ended up with a total of 41 (includes dependencies and stuff). i went for a nostalgic theme and picked stuff like mo creatures, custom npcs, and fossils & archaeology. then i downloaded a resource pack and one of my favorite maps to play on when i was younger (kingdom of verona) and i opened it up!!!...

...and i didnt feel like playing so i stopped.

oh well. ill try again tomorrow. and ill try a new world instead. then the next day came, i had to do some troubleshooting, and i made a new world...

...yeah it still wasnt fun.

ive had this thought for like a year and a half and ive been trying to ignore it but i think its true...ive played minecraft to death :( ive put at least a thousand hours into it over the course of nearly ten years and it just isnt fun anymore. like it hasnt been new and exciting for a while, but its been comforting bc of how familiar it is. now its not really comforting, its just stale. i dont have nearly as much fun in creative mode as i did when i was a kid since its too unstructured and aimless and i still really suck at building. and ive done the whole survival charade countless times so its not really fun anymore.

just looking at a minecraft screenshot makes me feel kinda tired. maybe in a couple years ill be able to have fun with it again but i think i need to put it away for a long time. i still love it and its one of my favorite games, but i think i really wore myself out on it. i think a good time to try again would be when genetic animals eventually adds dogs, which is gonna be a couple years from now probably anyway. minecraft models to represent every possible combination of dog genes! think about how many different shapes dogs can be and how much work that is!!! im still waiting for the realistic genetics-based dog breeding game of my dreams...someday.......

flash games from my childhood

i spent hours and hours playing flash games as a kid, and i found a way to play them again!! im not sure i should say how lol. but it blew up on tumblr recently. this is what i decided to do late in the day saturday when i figured out minecraft wasnt going to happen. and i was having a very bad day and it honestly saved my ass!! what i played first was farm doggie, a fun half-hour game where you play as a wolf stealing sheep from farmers. i played it a ton as a kid, and i played through it one last time in 2019 and thought i would never see it again. playing it again was so much fun!!!

omg the games i used to play on as a kid...the whole website is gone now...but i can still play them!!! i played dingleball!!! its a game where you click on odie so he can jump and catch a ball :) i still remember the winning strategies i used as a kid lol

i also played this fetch with ruff ruffman game i used to play on pbs kids where you cook food for him by launching it through a geyser :)

finally i played super doggy!! its a silly little platforming game and i was obsessed with the stock superhero music in it when i was pretty young. i thought they were the coolest songs ever lol. i remember holding my tiny little mp3 player up to my computer speaker to record the music so i could listen to it in the car :') its honestly a pretty difficult game lol

so yeah!! very fun and extremely nostalgic!!! there is magic in the world :)


i briefly played roblox years ago with some friends and thought it was pretty cool and i figured there are lots of fun games to play on there. but i never really went back to it/got into it. i did play it for a little bit again in 2021 when i was hyperfixated on carmen sandiego and wanted to play the official roblox game (its...underwhelming. pretty much just tag). but on sunday (you know...after more unfulfilling minecraft) i decided i would revisit it!! i was finally convinced to after seeing a lot of people i follow on neocities and tumblr having fun with it.

first i played a game called pet story for a little bit where you play as a pet...and theres a story...i was there for like 20-25 minutes and it was kinda boring. a lot of waiting around. still neat though. i had to leave to go eat dinner. then i briefly played chech0's deltarune rp. i became spamton and ran around for 30 seconds, got intimidated and left lol. ill check it out for real sometime.

i thought about it and decided that theres a lot of cool stuff to do in this game and i would like to look and feel very cool while i wander around. so i spent $10 on bobux and spent like an hour and a half picking out stuff for my avatar to wear. and the end result is...EPIC!!!

behold...The Swagful Beast!!! she looks like if my deltarune self-insert became a deviantart sparkledog and i love it so so much. theyve got rainbow hair, spamton shirt, oversized jacket, autism creature cool!!!

so The Swagful Beast made their debut in angels sensory room, created by controlcoreangel, whose roblox journal was what first made me go "hey i should play roblox again". and MAN,, its such a cool place!!! theres a ball pit, theres slides, theres forts with pillows and fairy lights you can hang out in...its like my habitat!!! if i went to a place like that in real life i would never leave!!!! i did have to report a troublemaker to the admins (who responded very quickly!!) but other than that it was super chill. i interacted with some people by jumping up and down lol. and i bought the fidget keychain my avatar is wearing as well as a couple other things from their store. ill definitely be coming back!! what a fun place!!!


last week i started my 3rd ever playthrough of undertale (true pacifist ofc) and yesterday i finished!! and not gonna say too much bc im planning on making a shrine for undertale soon (i wanted to play it one more time first), but holy shit...what a kickass game, what a kickass story...i love undertale so much ;u; maybe wasnt the best idea to finish it right before i went to bed though bc for a while i just laid there like O_O

so whats next?

im definitely going to continue playing roblox as there are still countless cool experiences on there for me to check out!! ive barely scratched the surface!!!

storyteller just came out today!! its a very cool and unique puzzle game where you have a direction a story is supposed to go (i.e. everyone dies at the end, or this girl gets married) and you arrange characters and events in a storybook to make that happen!! i loved the demo so much that i played until i got every achievement, so im very excited to play this game :D

i havent checked petz 5 in...a couple weeks but i keep meaning to get back into it ;u; putting together the crew pages was just such a slog, and so was trying and failing to hex. i love the game though!! someone on tumblr sent me some overwriting breedfiles for cats that look like the addisons from deltarune and im excited to adopt one of each :3