This page contains spoilers for Pikmin 4!

Who This Man?

Yonny is a character from Pikmin 4. He is a doctor who uses an ingredient called glow sap that can only be found at night to make medicine that cures people who have an affliction that makes them grow leaves. He guides the player as they go on dangerous night expeditions to obtain the glow sap.

Why Do I Like Him?

I just think he's really cute. He has a cute high-pitched voice. He likes to read books and observe people. He's also kind of sketchy and falls under the "mad scientist" umbrella. He has done experiments on his friends without them knowing. He laughs maniacally when he's in his lab working on a new kind of medicine. He calls the player "new blood". >//< Very cute and kind of ominous. I ship him with Pom.

Pom is the name that a lot of people use for the canon/default appearance of the protagonist of Pikmin 4 (a customizable character). It was based on a leaked screenshot that turned out to be fake, but it stuck because it's cute and unique. Plus, it fits the naming scheme of the other members of the Rescue Corps - each one is named after a kind of dog!

Pom - Pomeranian

Erma Shepherd - German Shepherd

Collin - Collie

Yonny - Papillon

Russ - Jack Russell Terrier

Bernard - Saint Bernard

Dingo - ...Dingo

If you find a picture of all of them as their respective dogs, please send it to me! I would love to see it.

Look at Him

Here is free advertising for an art print I found. Look at it! It healed a piece of my soul. I love it so much. C:

Here is a comic I drew!

And here are pictures I took of us together with the survey drone. I wish I could adjust the angle more, but it's still fun to do.

(I always crack up at Oatchi's thousand-yard stare in this first one lol)

Yonny is also in a couple of the official Pikmin 4 comics! You should go read them, they're really fun and cute!

Also I made this lol


Thank you for looking at him! :)

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